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Foam vertical cutting machine


           R-1500 BAND KNIFE   to cut sheets of Foam and Polyurethan blocks.

  • This vertical cutting machine is built with the best components in order to avoid any vibration and guarateeing a perfect cut.
  • R-1500 is designed with all the safety features to obtain CE requirments.
  • Mechanical device for repetitive cuts of polyurethane sheets.
  • Two Blade sharpenersr run by engines for cutting in both directions
  • The safety devices of the machine include: Warning Light indicating bandknife running.  Safety microswitches on the machine for sudden stop when guards are opened. c) Telescopic guard on the upper knife guide to avoid any contact with the blade in case of impacts and to keep it enclosed in case of accidental breakage. Machine spotlight with adjustable lamp enclosed in the machine frame
  • Cutting radius 145cm.
  • Max. heigh thickness 150cm.
  • Table size 2.5mts x 2.5mts.(standard).
  • Regulable speed variaton. (optional)
  • ban knife Machine without maintenance and easy to use.